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Company Name:Shanghai European-Asian Synthetic Resin Material Product Co.,Ltd.

Address:Block 30,No.550 Zhenkang Road,Shanghai China

Post Code:201514




  Having registered with Shanghai Industrial & Commerce Administration Bureau,Shanghai European-Asian Synthetic Material Science & Technology Co., a subsidiary of Shanghai European-Asian Synthetic Material Co.,Ltd. and have science and technology business license issued by Shanghai Municipal Commission for Science & Technology.

  The company major in the technology development,transfer,service and consultation of high polymer material(especially themo-setting resin and plastics) with 6 senior engineers(among which one is professor grade),over 20 engineering and equipping technicians.The Company equipped with advanced science research and testing equipments and have rich experience in industrializing science and research results.

  The company aim at high efficiency in science research and technology innovation and pay great attention to communication and cooperation with customers at home and from abroad.We will do our best to cooperate with relevant enterprises at home and abroad in new products research and development,provide service in engineering design,equipment processing,products analyzing,inspecting and arrange abroad review and intercommunion.