Injection-type heat-resistant phenolic plastic EA-5555J and its application

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Phenolic resin has been widely used due to its wide range of sources, low prices, and good overall product performance. Its output has ranked fifth among synthetic polymers, and it ranks first among thermosetting resins. Among them, phenolic plastics are the main varieties of phenolic resin and its composite materials. Although it is an ancient product, due to the availability of raw materials and low prices, it is especially heat-resistant, flame-retardant, low-smoke, dimensionally stable, and electrically insulating. Such excellent overall performance is still widely used in many industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, instruments, office appliances, and daily utensils.

As early as the 1980s, China has introduced low-voltage electrical manufacturing technology from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries, involving more than 80 series products. According to the material grades specified in the drawing of the imported technology, there are more than 10 types of phenolic plastics only. Non-glass fiber reinforced, injection-molded and heat-resistant phenolic molding compounds are one of them (1). In order to meet the needs of the domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry and replace imports, the company organized lean efforts to overcome multiple technical difficulties, and solved key issues such as process equipment technology, special fiber coupling technology, plastic granulation technology, and successfully developed non-glass fiber. Enhanced injection molding heat-resistant phenolic molding compound EA-5555J, the product performance to Germany PF2836 level, widely used in the manufacture of heat-resistant low-voltage electrical insulation.

1. Key performance indicators of EA-5555J

The main performance indicators of EA-5555J are shown in Table 1. From the table, it can be seen that the heat distortion temperature is above 190°C, and the flame retardance rating is 94V-0/1.6mm. The comprehensive performance indexes all reach the level of PF2836, a similar product of German Bakelite Company.

2. EA-5555J injection molding process

In order to prevent EA-5555J from slugging in the hopper of a thermoset plastic injection molding machine, or even to “bridge” the injection molding process so that it cannot be fed steadily and continuously, we use our patented technology (3) to make phenolic plastics Granularization, which satisfactorily solved this problem. EA-5555J's injection molding process and its comparison with Germany's Bakelite's similar product PF2836 are shown in Table 2, which shows that the two are basically the same in the injection molding process performance.

3. Application of EA-5555J

EA-5555J injection molding phenolic molding plastics due to its good heat resistance, heat distortion temperature above 190 °C, leakage resistance trace CTI is 3, flame retardant rating 94V-0/1.6mm, and access to the international safety certification authority US UL company's yellow card certification. Shanghai Saibo Electrical Appliance, Zhejiang Zhengtai Group and Hunan Huafeng Electronics have applied them to low-voltage electrical insulation materials with high heat-resistant performance requirements. The product is cost-effective and has a wide range of applications. With the continuous upgrading of domestic low-voltage electrical products, it has a broad market prospect.

Because the phenolic plastic EA-5555J itself has excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation, injection molding process is good, suitable for requiring high mechanical properties, wear resistance, heat and low temperature electrical insulation structure must be made of thermosetting plastics Has been widely used in domestic CJX, 3TB, 3TF, LC1-D, 3UA series electrical products, its electrical machinery life reaches the level of foreign similar materials, such as 3UA thermal relay, T series thermal relay and color TV high voltage packet coil Other aspects have replaced imported materials and promoted the improvement of the quality of domestic electrical products. EA-5555J has significant advantages in the manufacture of micro switches, thermal protectors, thermostats, and coil bobbins, and has a huge market potential.

EA-5555J is also widely used in home appliances, and can be used to make insulating and insulating parts for electric irons, hair dryers, rice cookers, electric wok, electric ovens, electric coffee makers and other small household appliances. Currently, it is used on electric irons. The largest, and there are black, red, green, yellow, gray and other colors to choose from.

EA-5555J is used for kitchen utensils because of its high performance-price ratio and excellent heat resistance, heat insulation and flame retardancy. It can be used to make heat-resistant and heat-insulating accessories for cooking utensils, tableware and drinking utensils. Such as rice cookers, electro-frying pans, pressure cookers, bread machines, sandwich furnaces, electric ovens and other cooking utensils handles, metal knives, forks, bowls, cups, dishes, plates and other catering tools, such as insulation.